We listen

You are assured of our total commitment to the position profile from your perspective, achieving an accurate understanding of the key selection criteria.

We visit

Familiarising ourselves with the work environment first hand, we visit your company to experience the energy and culture in the workplace.

We search

Our extensive data base of proficient candidates offers a number of quality people who may not be actively looking and/ or are exclusively using us as their job market brokers. In addition we “go to market” advertising through a variety of mediums to ensure the net of opportunity is cast as far as possible.

We find

Initial screening and analysis begins, with a total understanding and commitment to your company expectations.

We interview

Actioning our communication and interview process of suitability and skill reviewing establishes a candidate’s compatibility to the key selection criteria in all aspects of compatibility; in addition their desire, will and accountability.

We assess

Specifically tailoring referee questioning to validate candidate information; strengths, weaknesses, skills, work ethic, performance – the candidate credibility evolves (or not!) Agency reference checking is a powerful tool at your service.

We confer

A detailed overview of capable and compatible candidates is presented coupled with the integral open communication of our consulting team.

We liaise

Co ordination of interview times between client and candidates are managed and experiences reviewed, once again supporting the process with integral and open feed back from your consultant.

We exercise courtesy

All associated candidates will be professionally serviced by our team of staff, through to the outcome of their application, advising outcomes in writing or verbally.

We nurture

Following a candidate being successful, we support both company and candidate thoroughly to ensure a smooth transition.

We guarantee our service

Peace of mind is assured with our full 3 month placement guarantee.

We extend our service

Human Resources support is assured for 12 months hereafter – LEC Recruitment expertise being at your fingertip in relation to any staffing needs.


Your complete satisfaction is the benchmark of our success!